Saturday, November 15, 2008

Virtual Book Tours - Is it Better to Host Or Be Hosted?

I enjoy hosting guests here at this blogspot, also at my group blogspots, Acme Authors Link and Make Mine Mystery. Some visitors are on virtual book tours, others do single appearances.

I get everything emailed to me and set it up. Then on the day of the appearance, I welcome my guest with a comment, tweet at Twitter, and spread the word on my listservs and MySpace. I also feature them on my network, Book Place, on the main page. My guest has already been instructed to also spread the word.

I check back frequently to make sure comments are coming in. If not, I do more tweets and more e-mails to generate attention.

By this teamwork method, I generate traffic to my blog and interest in my guests. That still leaves me to wonder. How effective are my efforts in establishing my own brand and identity? I've done so in the past, but maybe I should start guesting again at various blogspots. How many of people that visit for my guests actually stick around long enough to read other posts and learn more about me?

What's your opininion? Which is better? Hosting or Guesting? Or a Combination? I'd appreciate your spin. Please leave a comment below.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I like to do both. Done right it's a win win for host and guest. A popular guest brings his/her fans with them to your blog, you may get some new regular readers out of the deal. Likewise, and visa versa, when I go to visit another blogger's blog, I bring my following with me. It really helps if the guest on the blog commits to tuning into the post comments all day and replies to questions the commenters have. this creates a dialog that forges more relationships. Good stuff.

  2. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I say do both! Both introduce you to new people that didn't know you before.

  3. Morgan,
    I just finished my first blog book tour. It was great, but a lot of work concentrated in a short period of time. I'm hosting an author on her tour for the first time on Monday, so I'll have a better idea later. My impression is that both are valuable in introducing new readers to you and your blog.

  4. I agree. Both guesting and hosting are important. The more you get your name out there, the better.

  5. Both hosting and being hosted are great ways to draw attention to your work. Of course, as a VBT coordinator, I work with hosts and authors and get to see both sides.

    Networking is an important aspect of VBTs and one that can be forgotten when authors are focused solely on immediate sales. We've had clients who have credited their VBTs for opening new doors for them.

    I also believe that a kindness will always be remembered; so when you host a fellow author, you build up goodwill, and when your book comes out, that person may be willing to host you or know of someone who could host you.



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