Monday, March 09, 2009

Blog Talk Radio Show Up

Hi Gang,
For those who didn't get a chance to listen on Sunday, I've posted my Blog Talk Radio show player for you to listen in the left column.

L. Diane Wolfe and Barry Eva called in to say hi. They'll both be guests for interviews at a later date.

Also mentioned in the program were Marvin Wilson and Jean Henry Mead, who will also be featured in upcoming shows.

I'll be setting exact dates soon. I plan to keep the show on Sundays, 4pm or later, especially later when the weather gets better. Yes, Spring and Summer will happen. They always do each year.

Anyone else want to be on the show? Or do plan to host your own show? Or maybe it's not your thing. Please share your thoughts.


  1. It's a big commitment and I admire you for taking on a radio show. That's something on the back burner for me right now.

    Still tickled I got through to you Sunday night! Looking forward to another chat...

    And yes, thank goodness - spring & summer DO happen!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Kudos on taking on the show. Thanks for the shout out, and I look forward to coming on the show also. Just wanted to leave a short note before listening to the show (smile)

  3. I think having your own radio show is very exciting, Morgan. I wish you the best.

    I'm going to put up my feet tonight and listen to that interview. Thanks fro making it available on your blog so easily.


  4. Wow, that's quite a task, Morgan! I'm still in the more-fearful-than-excited category when it comes to speaking on the radio myself, but I'm definitely impressed by those who do it. :)

  5. You've started so good, and are so more advanced in adding to the blog than I will ever be *grin*

    It was great to speak to you and I really look forward chatting to you another day.

    It would be great if you would consider being a guest on my show one time so we could chat about your book etc

    Just drop me an email


  6. What a great idea and I enjoyed listening to your Blog Talk show. I love all of the interesting things you do. You're so versatile and that's key!

    Jenny Bean

  7. You were great, Morgan, and thank you for metioning me on your show. I'm sorry I wasn't able to call in. What fun to put voices to writers I've met online.



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