Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Chicago Tonight at WTTW Channel 11 on Monday night held a special about the boat crew dyeing the Chicago River Green. As bystanders cheered, the crew zoomed across the water, distributing 40 pounds of green vegetable dye in the process.

Parades, four leaf clovers, shamrocks, Irish jigs, singing Danny Boy - People have all sorts of ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It seems everyone wants to be Irish even if they're not.

We've got some corned beef in the refrigerator. The DH, who's Polish and German, is wearing his green shirt and vest today. I've got on a part green blouse. I'm Irish on my Dad's side and Italian on my Mom's.

St. Patrick's Day and days like it are a great diversion from the everyday rut.

What about you? Are you Irish? Even if you're not, do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day? How do you celebrate? Or don't you? Please share


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am Irish for sure on my mother's side (I think a little on my father's side, too), so I do celebrate the day, usually with a nice corned beef and cabbage dinner with my mother and daughters.

  2. Irish on my mom's side and I married into a very Irish family. If I was back in our hometown, I'm sure I'd be being fed corned beef and turnips tonight.

    I'm still in my pjs right now, but I'm planning to wear a green t-shirt.



  3. I think we've a little Irish on the Wolfe side - I'll be sure to wear some green today!

    And I was in England ten years ago on St. Patrick's Day, and boy, do they know how to celebrate that day!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  4. I lived near Chicago at one time and was always amazed at how green they could get that river! I'm having lunch with a friend - guess that will count as my way of celebrating!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  5. I'm not Irish, as far as I know. And I don't remember it's St. Patrick's Day until someone tells me or I see it on the news. But when I do know, I try to wear a little something green. Today, my capri pants have some green stitching around the bottom.

  6. I'm Lithuanian Scotch/Irish and if I can find something green to wear, I will. Does a pair of tree leaves in a button hole count?

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Nah I'm a bah-humbugger re: St. Pat's. Well, not that bad, it's an OK reason to drink a few green beers I guess - lol.

    Actually originally in Ireland only the Catholics wore green. The Protestants wore yellow - if memory serves me right.

  8. I am wearing green--but it was an accident.

    Back in my school days if you didn't wear green on St. Pat's day someone would pinch you.

    I am not able to eat today--getting ready for a colonoscopy so no corned beef and cabbage. Did have some in an Irish Pub while I was at Epicon.


  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Morgan. I blogged about being part Scots-Irish. :)


  10. Lots of Italian but not an Irish hair on this head, but yup, wearing a speck of green. :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  11. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I'm Scottish, but I do like to go out for a drink on St. Patrick's. :) No green for me, though.

  12. Morgan,
    Every St. Patrick's day I don't have to do much because I have hazel eyes! My brothers and sisters would get so mad when we were younger because I just didn't have to look for anything special to wear on that day. Half the time I was sad cuz I really wanted to get pinched by the cute guys at my school!
    Thanks for the chance to visit.

    Cindy Hernandez

  13. I'm Irish on my dad's side (quarter Irish, quarter Norwegian) and have green eyes, so I don't worry about the wearin' of the green.


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