Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iphone Culprit or Coincidence? 3G Woes By Morgan Mandel

On the way to work this morning, I inserted my A T & T network card into the laptop computer as I usually do. It takes a while to connect, but the blue flashed and then remained steady, like it was supposed to do. The bars all turned orange in the bottom tray, like they were supposed to do.

The little box telling me what was going on with the card said connected to A & T like it was supposed to do. It pulled up the Internet Explorer browser like it was supposed to do.
But…It told me the connection to the server could not be found.

What was going on?

My purse was open right next to me on the seat. Inside was my Iphone. The network was set to 3G. In desperation, I switched it off 3G to Edge.

I retried the laptop connection and it worked!!

Was that a coincidence or did the Iphone interfere with my connection? It does make me wonder. I'll need to investigate this further.

Writing tip: If you're writing a book, be wary of coincidences, even ones that have happened to you. Readers do not like them. Make sure everything follows logically.

Morgan Mandel

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