Saturday, September 06, 2008

DON'T BE A CHICKEN By Morgan Mandel

I played tic-tac-toe against a chicken at Lake of the Torches Casino on vacation. The chicken won!

Anyway, chickens usually denote fear and not taking chances.

Some writers spend a lot of time working on their manuscripts and getting them just right. Then, afraid to find out if their work qualifies to get published, they never submit it. They're too afraid. The manuscript just sits in a box or under the bed or somewhere else collecting dust, when it could be enjoyed by readers.

Don't be a chicken. Take the chance and submit your manuscript. You'll never know unless you try.

Morgan Mandel


  1. So...what's a chicken that has a bunch of half started manuscripts under the bed? Or half finished, rather?

  2. I'e got some of those half-started manuscripts myself.

    Morgan Mandel


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