Monday, September 22, 2008

Say Goodbye to Randhurst by Morgan Mandel

I've heard that stories about developers changing towns are not as popular any more. Maybe so, but this particular story rings home for me, because it's true.

I had an eerie feeling as my husband and I visited Randhurst for the last time this past Saturday. As we strolled through the shopping center, oldies tunes played in the background, a reminder of the songs shoppers heard in the mall's heyday.

The stores were dark, except for a few shopkeepers waiting it out until the bitter end. One or two sold refreshments on the upper level, which at one time was jammed with hungry shoppers taking time out to eat.

The Venetial carousel played a merry tune as a handful of children rode the horses. The next day the carousel was slated to be dismantled and shipped to a mall in California, where other children would enjoy its wonders.

Further down, the play area teamed with more children having a great time. I wondered if they knew soon their playspace would be no more.

I've always loved Randhurst. It was just the right size -- Big enough to offer variety, yet small enough not to be confusing. Woodfield in all its grandeur has never been my preference.

Randhurst will be transformed into a lifestyle center, with completion scheduled for 2010. With it's departure, something fine will be lost in our community.

That's progress, I guess.

Morgan Mandel


  1. Never been to Randhurst, but that carousel looks wonderful. Carousels weren't a big part of my childhood, but as an adult I appreciate them!

  2. Randhurst was a FABULOUS place! I was there last week and it truly was sad to see it virtually empty. There were times it was so crowded, you couldn't even get down the aisles! It was the place my children saw Santa, saw the Easter Bunny, rode the train, performed on stage, enjoyed eating at the "Picnic" and rode the carousel. We truly will miss it!
    Rosemary :)


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