Sunday, September 14, 2008

RAIN By Morgan Mandel

We're nowhere near Texas, where Ike was, yet Illinois still received way too much backlash rain. I believe our neighborhood got close to 7 inches. DesPlaines, not that far away, is way flooded and the river hasn't even crested.

As much as scientists talk about controlling the weather, I don't think it can be done. Not counting lives lost, it's sad to see so many people's memories and homes that they've worked hard for all their lives just washed away.

We were lucky. We got off with large pools of water in the yard, a foot or so of water in the basement, and some window well dripping. Not everyone can say the same.

Sometimes life intrusions interfere with writing. When that happens, after everything is back to some kind of normalcy, remember what you can about the experience and write about it.

Morgan Mandel


  1. Hope you didn't lose anything in your basement when the water came in.

    Ike was weird in that it moved north then hooked east. You in Illinois got lots of rain. I in Austin, TX, didn't get a single drop.

  2. That's a strange storm pattern.

    I'm just grateful we got off as light as we did. We only have some disinfecting and cleaning of towels, benchseats and floors.

    Some have washers and dryers and other items ruined. Some had cars submerged.

    We don't have flood insurance. They probably didn't either. Who would guess this would happen.

    Morgan Mandel


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