Monday, September 08, 2008

End Of Watch Contest at Morgan

I'd been so busy with blogging and promo, I'd neglected my website. To make up for it, I spent all weekend doing updates, changing the look, and putting up a new contest. I had some issues with the navigation bar, but hopefully they've been resolved.

Anyway, I've got a new contest you can access by clicking the Two Wrongs cover on the main page, then the contest tab on the navigation bar. The page you get will explain the rules.

END OF WATCH by Edward M. Burke and Thomas J. O'Gorman, makes not only absorbing reading, but it's also a great pictorial and coffee table hard cover book, with over 575 pages and 400 photos.

Hopefully, after you get your contest info, you'll linger longer at my website to check out more nooks and crannies. Say hello to Rascal while you're at it.

Morgan Mandel

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