Thursday, September 04, 2008

BE PREPARED By Morgan Mandel

As I rushed to get ready for work,I was glad I listened to the weather forecast last night - rain and lots of it was predicted. I already had a rain coat, umbrella, cap, and extra plastic cover for my computer case ready. My grubby, ugly gym shoes were also ready instead of the nice, clean white ones.

It turned out it wasn't raining as much as I thought it would, except under the trees where the accumulated water spouted out.

The catch is the heavy rain hasn't started yet. Remnants of the hurricane are predicted to hit Illinois. At least I'll be protected on the trip home.

When you're a writer, you also need to be prepared. Producing a grammatically correct, unique and spellbinding manuscript is not enough. You need to be ready for the future. That means starting another one right away and working extra hard to get it done.

Why? Because if a publisher or agent likes your manuscript, the next question will probably be, "What else to you have?"

If you have another one or two ready, especially if they're part of a series, you may be lucky enough to clinch a multi-book contract.

So, your book is finished. Don't just sit back, relax and congratulate yourself. Get back on the treadmill and do another.

Morgan Mandel

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