Saturday, September 20, 2008

Overpacking by Morgan Mandel

We've got one more trip left to visit our cottage in Wisconsin next weekend. Before we owned one, I thought if we had our own place I wouldn't need to pack as much.

Wrong. I pack even more. Not only that, I overpack. Then I get to the cottage and have to unpack. Since it's not a large place, finding room for everything presents a challenge.

The same thing can happen with manuscripts. It's easy to make an exception here and there. Pretty soon the manuscript is loaded down with adjectives, adverbs and those little no-no words, like just, that, so.

There's little room for them. Remember to get the majority of them them out before you send your manuscript off on a trip to an editor.

Morgan Mandel

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  1. I love other writers. Everything somehow relates to writing! Packing. Cooking. Cats. Whatever. It relates to writing.

    Have fun Morgan.


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