Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breaking News - Subway Series? By Morgan Mandel

I was going to blog about something else today, but how many times does this happen? Every 102 years?

The Cubs and the Sox both in the playoffs? Strange, exciting and true.

The Cubs clinched their playoff spot first.

Tonight, wonder of wonders, the Sox beat the Minnesota Twins and also clinched a playoff spot in an exciting winner-take-all game.

I confess I am not the most rabid baseball fan, but these circumstances could get even a fair weather fan like me take notice.

My problem now is who will I root for? They're both Chicago teams. This is not easy.

When you're writing a novel, make it easy for your reader to identify with and root for the main character. One way to do this is to introduce that character first. That way your readers can immediately get into that character's point of view and root for him or her.

What are other ways? Please leave a comment if you can think of any.

Morgan Mandel

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  1. Morgan,

    The decision to root for should be easy. If you're from the southside, you root for the Sox; if from the north, the Cubs. My wife was a southside, Sox fan when I met her. I finally converted her to the national league because I'm a Cardinal's fan but I had to take her out of Chicago to do it. If both teams make it to the series, I suspect she will backslide to her Sox ways.

    This time of year I really miss Mike Royko who always had an explanation for which team would lose the series based on the number of ex-Cubs on the roster.



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