Monday, October 06, 2008

And Then There Was One

Cubs, Sox and Brewers all in the playoffs! Wow! Lots of excitement around here. I was actually wondering who to root for if they played each other, and I'm not a true sports fan. I usually get involved only when it really means something. Then, I pick any Chicago team, since I live in the area. Also, since our summer cottage is in Wisconsin, the Brewers are my next favorite.

Unfortunately, the Cubs and the Brewers lost three in a row. That left the White Sox.

The division playoff is a great lesson in building suspense. With each loss, the White Sox faced extinction. They lost one, then two. They needed another or it would be all over.

A good author doesn't let anything come easy, but instead makes the character face all kinds of mental and/or physical calamaties on the way to achieving a goal. With each victory, another obstacle presents itself.

The White Six won Sunday's game. Now they've lost two and won one. Will they overcome their deficit or fold? Time will tell.

Remember to keep the suspense going. Drag out the conclusion of your novel as long as you can. Keep the readers guessing, like the Sox are doing to their fans.

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