Sunday, October 05, 2008

Which is Worse?

Which is worse, packing for vacation or packing to go home from vacation? I say the latter. Why? Because I have to look forward to going back to work on Monday instead of goofing off.

One thing I will be happy to get back to and that is my DSL. I know, I rag about the slow network card too much while I'm in the NorthWoods, but I do get so frustrated when I want to get more accomplished and have to be patient. I'm not used to being patient any more. I'm so very spoiled.

I set this post up ahead of time since I know we'll be on the road for at least seven hours and then unpacking. We'll be lucky enough to have time for dinner and getting ready for work the next day.

Though the weather could have been better and I lost money at the casino, all in all I did have a good time. It will be at least seven months until we get to come back and I know I'll miss Wisconsin and my dear friend, Jeanne, who promises to visit our neck of the woods for Christmas.

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  1. I hate packing with a passion. As much as I hate the end of vacation, it's always easier to pack 'cause I don't have to choose what I'm taking - I already did the hard work beforehand!


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