Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Dream Lost

While I've been working on my blog, in the background is WGN Sports describing the White Sox fans dressed in black filing out of Cellular Field like they were leaving a funeral.

Once again, Chicago's hopes have died. Now both teams are out of the running to advance to the World Series.

It was only a dream anyway, especially for the Cubs fans who've waited and hoped for a miracle for over 100 years.

Still, there's nothing wrong with dreams. I have plenty that might not ever come true. They keep me going and hoping that maybe someday...you never know.

For one thing, if I hadn't dreamed, I never would have gotten Two Wrongs or Girl of My Dreams published. In fact, the reality show contest for Girl of My Dreams is based on the producer's concept of his dream girl.

Like many authors, I dream about getting a bestseller, quitting my day job and spending more time writing. I also dream about a larger kitchen with lots of cabinets, eating whatever I want and not gaining weight, so many other things.

What do you dream about?


  1. I'm with you- I dream about making the bestseller lists and being able to eat chocolate with out gaining weight. :)

  2. Ah, where would we be without dreams.

    Oh man, eating chocolate without gaining weight reminds me I was going to make chocolate pudding today and forgot! Excuse me.

  3. Dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderate amounts, so enjoy it!

    I dream of working at home as a full time writer and walking on the beach every morning before starting my work day. And I'm working my butt off to make that dream my reality. And one year the Sox will win!

  4. A lot of us seem to have the same dreams. Maybe it's catching.

    Morgan Mandel


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