Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot Mamas

Okay, after seeing Trace Adkins Friday night at Sears Centre Arena, his performance was so great, some of his songs just happened to stick in my mind. Actually, that probably would have happened even if I hadn’t gone to the show. Like everyone in the world probably knows, I do love country music.

Anyway, his song, Hot Mama, sprang to mind when I read an article in the Daily Herald in the Health & Fitness Section on Monday. It was about Moms participating in an unusual health program called StrollerFit, with all kinds of fun exercises like Peek-A-Boo Lunges and Ring-Around-the-Rosie Squats.

Apparently this craze is sweeping the NorthWest Suburbs of Chicago and classes are being held at many park districts. More on this program is at www.strollerfit.com.

Gone is the idea that once a woman has a child she can no longer be attractive. Instead, women are encouraged to get back into shape and not suffer in the process. Many books feature women who have children. Miraculously, somehow they manage to make it through birthing without losing their svelte beauty.

Some themes centering around women who give birth are the Single Mother Going It Alone, Man Falls for Woman with Instant Family, and the Secret Baby novel. Secret Baby is about how a woman keeps the birth of a baby from the biological father. At some spot in the novel he learns about his child and mayhem results. Although it’s been done often, if it’s done well, the suspense and discovery can be riveting. If you’d like to read one, I recommend This Time for Always by Debra St. John. You’ll hear more about her novel in a later post.

In the meantime, I thought I’d put up the link for Trace’s video, Hot Mama, for you to enjoy.



  1. We used to use the Secret Baby plot when I was younger. I had a friend I wrote with in the same co-created world, and secret baby drama was a favorite plot device. I like the idea of moms being sexy, but I wonder if it's awkward for the kids. That's a story in itself. Imagine being a kid with a sexy mom... you could create an entire plot around how you'd keep the guys away until Mr. Right came along and made a good husband and "father" figure.

  2. Jenny,
    Since you thought it up, maybe you should write that book.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. You've been inspired by Trace. And how will you use that in your next book?

  4. I love Trace Adkins! The song "Hot Mama was my theme song going through my third pregnancy when my clothes immediately stopped fitting. If his lyrics weren't good enough, he's got that deep to-die-for man's voice. And he's not too bad to look at either . . .

    Sara Daniel

  5. Hi Morgan, thanks for the shout out! How fun to be listed beside Trace in your labels!

  6. I think just being a mom should make you hot. The size of your waist has nothing to do with the size of your heart, your compassion and the way you care.

    I think men are more aware of this then women.

    By the by, love Deb's book. It's a must-read!

  7. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Once again, awesome, and thanks for the youtube, Morgan!

    Hey thanks for the comment on Free Spirit - so you's a daydreamer, eh? What's the analysis blurb for your type? Mind sharing it in the comments? BTW, can I have your email addy? I'm at marvwilson2010@gmail.com

    TTYL, dreamy one! LOL

  8. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Me again. {-:> I realized I didn't have your blog on my Free Spirit blogroll - just added ya, under the "Potpourri" category.

    You's welcome (smile)

  9. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Really cool video; thanks for the link from alternative.
    ps good luck with the program


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