Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rascal Gets Blessed - 2008

Well, every year for obvious reasons we like to get Rascal blessed at the Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis Day, either at Our Lady of the Wayside, our parish church, or at our vacation/adopted church, Holy Family, in Wisconsin, sometimes at both if we're lucky.

Rascal is a sweet dog, but let's face it, she's not perfect. After all, she does have a name to live up to and she does her best to do that, especially around me.

Presently I'm writing a children's book about Rascal to share her impact in our lives and lessons we've learned from her.

Anyway, we weren't the only ones who felt the need to have their animals blessed, judging from the assemblage of dogs, cats and owners yesterday at Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Church.

Dean Pierce from St. James Church presided, since our parish priests and deacons were all spread thin. He did a marvelous job. None of the dogs seemed afraid of him, although some were not happy about getting a dose of water sprinkled on them.

Here's Dean Pierce with Rascal and my DH.

I did a long video of the Blessing, so I'm breaking it down. I'm posting the first part tonight, which shows the pets Gathering for the Blessing.

By the way, I'm not sure how well that blessing worked. At the moment, Rascal is staring at me. She's got that look that says she's bored and is wondering what devilment to get into...


  1. Rascal is a doll! My dogs send her puppy greetings.

  2. Nancy, are you dogs on Doggyspace? If so, Rascal could sent them e-mails just like we do.

    Morgan Mandel


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