Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ask Angela


BILLIE WILLIAMS SAYS: Hi Morgan and Angela,
My question for Angela is about blog tours -- Do these increase sales significantly? Or is there some other method of promotion that seems to do more for individual authors?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I'll be looking forward to reading this column.

Billie A. Williams
Ancient Secrets
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Angela says: Billie -Thanks for submitting your questions through Morgan Mandel's blog. Virtual tours are the best option for authors with low budgets to reach a massive audience. You do them from home - or a coffee shop - on sites guaranteed to find fans in your target demographic.

Every author I have interviewed says they noticed an increase in page views at Amazon and their Web sites and/or blogs during a tour. Some saw significant sales increases; others got higher search engine rankings and found new fans, albeit on a smaller scale. You may not sell a book from that one viewer, but that person could forward your site to a friend, family member or coworker who likes your genre - and requests your novel as a gift, or adds it to an Amazon Wish List.

The more you are on the Web, the more chances readers have of finding you. In this vast world of books, where every cover is screaming out at readers to buy it - and promotional budgets are non-existent for non-bestselling authors - you need every advantage you can get. Online promotion - particularly virtual tours - allows you to touch base with fans, network with other professionals and save money on gasoline and other expenses.

Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif became a bestseller because of her online promotions. Now, she is taking it a step further by writing her next novel, Finding Bliss, on an iPhone 3G. She has already completed several interviews on using the latest techno gadgets to write. It is a great cross-promotional tool.

I would encourage you to read my column on Virtual Tours to get started. Then, check out my other columns on marketing plans, and integrating microblogs like Twitter into your online campaign.

Angela Wilson is an author, freelance author publicist and professional blogger and podcaster. She requests ARCs and manages the book blog for Pop Syndicate, where she hosts authors on virtual book tours. If you have a question about promotions, visit, or email her directly at
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  1. I don't know about blog tours, but i've found so many new authors i love through a combination of reviews on blogs and authors that I like linking to them.
    I love the internet.

  2. Thanks for your question, Billie. Good Luck!

    Angela Wilson

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I'm definitely tech challenged regarding book marketing. I appreciate your information sharing.

    Jacqueline Seewald
    Five Star/Gale hardcover
    Wheeler large print

  4. Great article Angela. There are also a couple other reasons to invest in a virtual book tour: networking and longevity.

    I remind my clients that networking can't be discounted. Pump Up Your Book Promotion has had clients who have gone on to write regularly for the blogs that host them and we even have a client who credits the exposure from his virtual book tour with getting him magazine assignments and having his books considered for film.

    Since the review, interview, or guest article remains online for the life of the blog, it is likely that readers can find information about your book one, three, six months or even longer after your tour is over.

    It's definitely worth it to take a look at VBTs when promoting your book.

    Cheryl C. Malandrinos, Tour Coordinator
    Pump Up Your Book Promotion


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